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NEW! MN Big Snow creates huge sculpture for 2014 Saint Paul Winter Carnival

Team members Pat Mogren, David White, Matt Seeley, and Gerry Proulx sculpted a giant 65'x20' sculpture    next to the new sledding hill at the snow sculpture park for the Saint Paul Winter Carnival.  The piece depicts     winter ogres and their pet dragon hamming it up alongside the Saint Paul Winter Carnival medallion to
"photo bomb" festival attendees as they take a picture.  New photos have been uploaded to the GALLERY             section.

Winter Carnival

MN Big Snow took 2nd place in Canada

Team members David White and Paul Diekoff competed in Edmonton, Alberta where they took 2nd PLACE in the 6th annual Cessco Snow Sculpture Competition at the 2012 Silver Skate Winter Festival. New pictures have been loaded in the GALLERY section.

Team members from MN Big Snow went head to head in local snow sculpture competition

Team members David White and Paul Diekoff competed against Pat Mogren and Gerry Proulx during the City of Lakes Loppet Snow Sculpture Competition on February 4th. Pictures of their sculptures as well as the promotional piece they sculpted during the event have been added to the GALLERY section! Click on this link to see who won, and also to see additional coverage of the event.

MN Big Snow creates sculpture to honor The Red Bulls at Mancini's

The team sculpted a piece to honor the Minnesota 34th Infantry Reserves at a dinner provided by Manicinni's restaurant. The piece depicts a soldier returning home to hug his daughter for the first time. To the Red Bulls and all our armed forces, we salute you!

MN Big Snow takes 3rd place in China

    The team recently competed in the 17th Annual Harbin International Snow Sculpture Competition where they     were awarded a 3rd place trophy! See the NEWS section for more details.