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In 1996 the team (Kelley Casey, Gerry Proulx and Gerry' s wife Melissa) competed in their first snow sculpting competition as part of the Saint Paul Winter Carnival as a winter supplement to sand sculpting. The next 4 years, the team became more familiar with the media, created tools to assist in creating award winning but temporary sculptures and sought out a third mate. In 2000 the beginning of the permanency for third team member (Paul Diekoff) and focus on the designs and product. In 2005, the team was invited to compete in the US Nationals Snow Sculpting Competition, held in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Gerry was unavailable for this event and Pat Mogren became the forth mate. The team was placed 3rd at the US Nationals. The next year, we were asked to carve an exhibition piece for the 2006 Quebec Winter Carnival's International Snow Sculpting Competition, which hence was the beginning of our international level of competition. In 2007, David White joined the team to carve our final appearance in the Saint Paul Winter Carnival competition were we placed 1st and won an invite to the U.S. Nationals. The following years the team has stayed within the borders of North America, competing in International events in Sarnia, Ontario and Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada and Breckenridge Colorado, USA. In addition, the team has taken both 1st and 2nd place honors at the US Nationals in 2008 and 2009 respectfully. In 2010, Matt Seeley joined the team as the sixth member.

Beyond the borders of competition, part of the team volunteers significant time in the organization and implementation of the Minnesota State Snow Sculpting Competition, in conjunction with the Saint Paul Winter Carnival. It has become a significant crowd drawing venue featuring snow sculptors from all corners of the State. We also make the time to give presentations to elementary school children as well as the physically challenged, helping all to realize that art comes in all forms.

In the spring and summer months, Minnesota Big Snow can be found planning designs and filling out competition submittals for events six to nine months in the future throughout North America. The team also has their sights on competitions in Asia and Europe as they continue to carve a place in history.

Document The power point here shows all of the competitions that the Team has been in over the years.

Who is Minnesota Big Snow?
Kelley Casey, Captain, Founder, and Logistics Director

After years of Sand Sculpting, Kelley set his sites on the Big Blocks of Snow at the Saint Paul Winter Canival. This is how the team of "Minnesota Big Snow" was born.

Paul Diekoff Jr., Artistic Director and Model Builder

Paul was asked by Kelley to join the team in 2000 and has an extensive design background in architecture, interior design, sculpting, painting and custom car building.

Gerald "Gerry" Proulx, Artistic Director

Gerry was Kelley's partner in crime from day one back in the Sand Sculpting days. Gerry has an extensive fine art background including: sculpting, ceramics, woodworking, painting and classic auto restoration.

David White, Artistic Director and Team Photographer

David was asked by Paul to join the team in 2007 and has an extensive design background in architecture, photography, sculpting, ice carving, cake decorating, painting and custom car building.

Pat Mogren, Artistic Director/St. Paul Winter Carnival Snow Sculpting Chairman

Kelley and Paul asked Pat to join the team in 2005 for the U.S. Nationals. Pat has been snow sculpting for close to 20 years. He organizes and runs the Minnesota State Snow Sculpting Competition. Pat is an artist and stay home Dad.

Matt Seeley, Artist, Model Builder, and Webmaster

Matt became an official 6th member of the team in 2010. He has a diverse background in street painting, sculpting, blacksmithing, airbrush, homebrewing, glassblowing, and snow and ice carving. Matt has been snow sculpting for over 10 years.